Auctioned Irish Airmail Lots

Featured at Whyte's Auction of 17th April 1999 in Dublin

1911 First UK Aerial Post postcard to Ireland 1911 (Sept 12) First UK Aerial Post postcard, sepia both sides, with message space on reverse, to Lisburn.

Estimate: IR £120

Realised: IR £110

1934 Irish acceptance Balbo flight
1933 (July 27) registered airmail cover to Rome with 5s and 2s6d overprints and 1s definitives tied Dublin cds, imprinted “Valentia-Rome: Air Mail”, green hs AER-POST / VALENTIA-ROME / DAIRBRE-AN ROM in green on obverse and reverse VALENTIA ISLAND cds of July 29 and August 5, fine and attractive, scarce.

Cover intended for Balbo Squadron flights from Valentia, but flight was changed to Azores, and this and other mail carried by surface to Rome.

Estimate: IR £500 Realised: IR £700

6d airmail specimen Airmail Specimen

A3. 6d magenta overprinted Specimen right marginal block of 4, as usual without gum, scarce in blocks.

Estimate: IR £200

Realised: IR £150

1927 postcard to Kisumu with red hs “Service officially arranged....but abandoned owing to breakdown of Hydroplane...”, KISUMU cds of 31 March, Vogt. Z270312.4.


Estimate: IR £100

Realised: Unsold

1927 Kisumu crash cover from Ireland

1928 Belfast NO FLIGHT cover 1928 (Oct.1) cover Belfast to Sutton Coldfield, ms “By Flying Boat Calcutta” and green flight cachet overstruck by NO FLIGHT handstamp in violet, manuscript “held over to 2 Oct”,.

Fine and scarce

Estimate: IR £100

Realised: IR £90

1929 (July 22) Irish acceptance cover Dublin to Gibraltar with 1d and 11/2d defins., per first flight London to Bordeaux.

Fine and scarce. Newall 29.17.

Estimate: IR £70

Realised: IR £50

1929 Dublin to Gibraltar

1932 Irish acceptance 9th S American Zeppelin cover
AC7b. 1932 (October 22) registered cover Galway to Herman Stoltz, Pernambuco, Brazil, 1s, 9d and 1/2d defins., GAILLIMH double ring cds, green AER POST/GAILLIMH-BERLIN cachet of first flight, red LUFTPOSTAMT/BERLIN handstamp, circular red and hexagonal orange handstamp of 9th South American Flight of the Graf Zeppelin, Pernambuco receipt cds on reverse of October 27. Adhesive tape at left edge and on reverse, otherwise fine.

Scarce -Davis states only 25 flown.

Estimate: IR £400 Realised: Unsold

1934 (May 15/24) New York to Rome record flight attempt by Pond and Sabelli, forced down in Co. Clare, US Postal Stationery 8c airmail envelope with New York despatch, LEACT UI CONCUBAIR cds of Lahinch, Co. Clare, and Rome receipt and cds, pilot signed by Sabelli, fine and scarce.

Estimate: IR £250

Realised: Unsold

1934 Pond & Sabelli cover

1954 KLM crash at Shannon 1954 (Sept 3) Netherlands 30c aerogramme, Nordwijk to California, with ** to *** SALVAGED FROM KLM CRASH AT SHANNON in black, fine. Vogt A.540905.1. Lockheed Super Constellation “Triton” crashed 32 seconds after take off into mudflats of Shannon estuary.

20 bags of mail salvaged

Estimate: IR £100

Realised: Unsold

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