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PART 9b - Airmails

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Ireland: Airmails & First Flight Covers

629 HH/Hl)
[Ireland: Airmails] Collection on Safe hingeless leaves incl. First Day Covers (2 sets plus odds), good range of mint incl. 1d (17), 3d (28) incl. re-entry in block of 6, 1s3d (9) etc., and used 1d (4), 3d (9), varieties incl. blocks of 6d, 8d and 1s with constant re-entries, retouches, etc., nice clean lot. (180+)
Estimate: IR £200/£250

630 (H)
[Ireland: Airmails] A3. 6d magenta overprinted Specimen in black, scarce, fine unused, no gum.
Estimate: IR £50/£60

631 HH Click for Picture VII.
[Ireland: Airmails] A6a. 1s3d orange top right corner vertical strip of 4 incl. extra feather variety on R4/6, rare, very fine unmounted mint.
Estimate: IR £300/£350

632 l Click for Picture VII.
[Ireland: Airmails] -ditto. single with same variety cds cancel, scarce, fine used.
Estimate: IR £160/£180

633 )
[Ireland: Airmails] First Flight covers collection on leaves, incl. 1924 Liverpool-Belfast and return, 1924 Irish acceptance Cairo to Baghdad, 1929 Galway to London, 1932 Galway to Berlin incl. pilot signed, 1939 transatlantic sea plane flights from Foynes, etc., good range to 1986, ex Brennan neatly written up. Mainly good to fine. (33)
Estimate: IR £70/£80

634 )
[Ireland: Airmails] Range of first flight covers written up on leaves incl. 1932 Galway-Berlin, 1939 Pan Am and Imperial flying boat service, 1945 Dublin-Liverpool, 1946-47 Pan Am flights from Shannon to Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Calcutta, Damascus, etc., to 1972, also some first day covers of airmail issues, etc., mainly fine. (27)
Estimate: IR £80/£100

635 ) Click for Picture VIII.
[Ireland: Airmails] 1919 (June 9) cover St. John’s Newfoundland to Brighton with $1 Trans-Atlantic Air Post 1919 surcharge on 15c red tied machine cancel, also cds of Harbour Grace, June 14. Prepared for transatlantic airmail by Handley Page Atlantic but flight did not take place and eventually sent by ship. Vogt. C.190704.0. Creased and roughly opened, scarce.
Estimate: IR £400/£500

636 ) Click for Picture VIII.
[Ireland: Airmails] 1927 postcard to Kisumu with red hs “Service officially arranged....but abandoned owing to breakdown of Hydroplane...”, KISUMU cds of 31 March, Vogt. Z270312.4. Photo. Fine.
Estimate: IR £80/£100

637 )
[Ireland: Airmails] 1929 (May 6) Dublin to Adelaide, 5d defin., via first flight Perth to Adelaide. oval GPO ADELAIDE ds of 7 June on front. Fine
Estimate: IR £40/£50

638 )
[Ireland: Airmails] AC4. 1929 (Aug. 26) Galway to London first flight cover, scarce GAILLIMH/ OIFIG TEL. cds, address label removed, also another with BUY IRISH GOODS slogan cancel. very good to fine. (2)
Estimate: IR £25/£30

639 )
[Ireland: Airmails] 1931 (Feb. 23) Imperial Airways cacheted cover Belfast to Cape Town, franked 3½d, per London-Mwanza service, Newall 31.02. Fine.
Estimate: IR £28/£30

640 )
[Ireland: Airmails] 1931(Feb. 27) attractive printed Imperial Airways England-Africa airmail envelope Dublin to Mwanza, Tanganyika, with ½d, 1d, 2d and 6d overprints, bs on March 10. Fine.
Estimate: IR £25/£30

641 ) Click for Picture VIII.
[Ireland: Airmails] 1932 (April 14) airmail cover, with 1s and ½d defins. paying printed paper rate to Pernambuco per 3rd South American Flight of the Graf Zeppelin with red and brown flight cachets, scarce, very fine
Estimate: IR £250/£300

642 ) Click for Picture VIII.
[Ireland: Airmails] AC7b. 1932 (October 22) registered cover Galway to Herman Stoltz, Pernambuco, Brazil, 1s, 9d and ½d defins., GAILLIMH double ring cds, green AER POST/GAILLIMH-BERLIN cachet of first flight, red LUFTPOSTAMT/BERLIN handstamp, circular red and hexagonal orange handstamp of 9th South American Flight of the Graf Zeppelin, Pernambuco receipt cds on reverse of October 27. Adhesive tape at left edge and on reverse, otherwise fine. Scarce - Davis states only 25 flown. Photo. Fine
Estimate: IR £400/£450

643 ) Click for Picture VIII.
[Ireland: Airmails] AC9. 1934 (May 15/24) New York to Rome record flight by Pond and Sabelli, cover with vas. postmarks incl. Lahinch, Co. Clare, where the plane crashed, signed by Sabelli, scarce, cat. £400, fine.
Estimate: IR £200/£250

644 )
[Ireland: Airmails] 1934 (Sept. 29) Railway Air services last flight cover Belfast to Glasgow, originally posted in Preston and carried to Belfast by LMS Railway with LMS 3d stamp, unusual combination cover. Fine.
Estimate: IR £110/£120

645 )
[Ireland: Airmails] 1935 range of airmail covers (5) Argentina to Nenagh, good mixture of frankings, a few with “VIA CONDER” hs, also range to same addressee but in England, and one to Cuba, and India to England cover, mainly fair to fine, some roughly opened. (16)
Estimate: IR £35/£40

646 )
[Ireland: Airmails] 1939-74 range of first flight covers incl. 1939 transatlantic Pan Am and Imperial, 1946 Pan Am Shannon to Vienna and Ankara, 1954 Detroit-Shannon-Detroit etc., mainly fine. (10)
Estimate: IR £40/£50

647 HH
[Ireland: Airmails] Circa 1945-60 small range of labels incl. “ALT the sunshine Route” green black and orange,” VISIT DUBLIN AIRPORT HOME OF AER LINGUS” and another, also KLM shamrock shape label showing transatlantic routes via Shamrock and Dublin, scarce. very fine. (4)
Estimate: IR £70/£80

648 )
[Ireland: Airmails] AC32. 1946 (June 17) first flight cover Dublin to Paris by Aer Lingus, fine.
Estimate: IR £25/£30

649 ) Click for Picture VIII.
[Ireland: Airmails] 1954 (Sept 3) Netherlands 30c aerogramme, Nordwijk to California, with fine SALVAGED FROM KLM CRASH AT SHANNON in black, fine. Vogt A.540905.1. Lockheed Super Constellation “Triton” crashed 32 seconds after take off into mudflats of Shannon estuary. 20 bags of mail salvaged, fine for this.
Estimate: IR £100/£110

650 )
[Ireland: Airmails] 1992 (Aug. 10) special flight cover Barcelona to Dublin carrying the Irish Olympic team incl. gold medal winner Carruth and silver medallist, McCullough, with Irish and Spanish Olympics Stamps, flight cachet and col. Photo. of team’s arrival, attractive and scarce, No. 3 of only 40 carried. Very fine.
Estimate: IR £40/£50


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