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Exceptional Value Limited Edition of 300

Irish Crash Airmails

(2nd Edition)
by Ronny Vogt

Irish Crash Airmails 2nd Edition IRISH CRASH ARIMAILS lists all currently known information about Irish mail-carrying aircraft accidents.

The book is divided into three parts, the first part, 270 pages, is the main section listing all accidents where mail was salvaged. The second lists aircraft accidents where, to date, no Irish mail has been traced but it is assumed Irish mails may exist.

A new third section has been added after the intervention of readers asking why various crashes were not listed in the first edition: this part now describes and illustrates items which have an Irish aviation and/or accident background but were not directly involved in an aircraft accident. A much enlarged bibliography and index are useful additions to the book.

This professionally produced and profusely illustrated book is a very useful source for aerophilatelists in general and for airmail crash specialist and Irish aviation historians in particular.

Ronny is very gracious for the help of many eminent Irish aerophilatelists who have eagerly shared their knowledge and collections.

IRISH CRASH AIRMAILS second edition is published by the Irish Airmail Society and now has 270 pages with 380 quality illustrations. By comparison with the first edition published is 1992, with 65 pages and 60 illustrations, there are many additional crashes, more new and useful information together with many recently discovered illustrations.
PRICE: + Postage & Packing
IR £15.00 +IR £3.00
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In Europe: orders with checks payable to:

Ronny Vogt, Berninastrasse 76, CH-8057 
Zurich, Switzerland

e-mail enquiries to: ronnyv@swissonline.ch

In the Americas: orders with US $ checks payable to Karl Winkelmann at:

P.O. Box 437, Alpine
NJ 07620-0437, U.S.A.

e-mail enquiries to: kfw@bigfoot.com


Irish Crash Airmails - First Edition


"I thought it useful to produce a survey Irish aviation crashes where airmails are known to have been carried, or where the possibility exists that airmails have survived."

First Part

Describes crashes where Irish mails are known, or where we can assume with a certain degree of confidence that Irish mails were recovered.

Second Part

Lists crashes where we assume it is unlikely that Irish mails were carried but where nevertheless a probability - although small - exists that Irish mail was salveged.


A few copies of this book are still available:

at US $15 or IR £10 plus postage
IR£1.25 in Ireland, IR£2.00 in Europe
US $2.00 in the U.S. US $3.00 in Canada from:

In North America: Karl Winkelmann
In Europe: Brian Warren

IRISH CRASH AIRMAILS was the first publication of the Irish Airmail Society, published in June 1992. It contains 67 pages and many illustrations covering 59 different entries.

The useful index lists all items by Place, Aircraft Name and Date. By agreement it uses the well known Nierinck numbering system.

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