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Pre World War I

Boer War

World War I

Czech Lands (External Link)

Egypt (External Link)

Finland - part I
Finland - part II

Roumania (External Link)

United Kingdom

United States

Between the Wars

Anglo-Irish War 1919-1921

Czechoslovakia (External Link)


Irish Civil War 1921-1923

Spanish Civil War 1937-1939

Sudetenland Crisis (External Link)

World War II

Military Mail

British Army Post Office at War

Greenland (External Link)

Internee Mail

On Active Service


Royal Air Force


US APOs by Location (External Link)

US APOs by Number (External Link)

World War II

Civil Censorship

British Empire
• Africa
• Australia
Bahamas (External Link)
St Lucia

Trinidad (External Link)


Dutch East Indies

Egypt (External Link)



Occupied France
Occupied Scandinavia
Other Occupied Regions
Censor Office Letter Codes

Sudetenland (External Link)
"Uberroller" Transit Mail
(GPS Article - External Link)


Japan (External Link)

• Japanese Occupation
Censor Marks (External Link)
Postal History (External Link)
POWs (External Link)

Roumania (External Link)

South America

Thailand (External Link)

Unites States

United Kingdom
• Provincial Units
Press Censorship

Post World War II

Arab-Israeli War (External Link)

Czechoslovakia (External Link)

Occupied Germany
US APOs from Germany
(GPS Article - External Link)

Soviet Zone (External Link)
1945 - 1950

Korean War

Suez Crisis

Vietnam War
Military Airborne Mail (External Link)

Poland 1980's

Gulf War

Other Categories

Currency Control

Czechoslovakia (External Link)


United Nations Missions


These pages are intended to show a diverse range of different examples of censored and military mail on behalf interested collectors and the two foremost, British-based, postal censorship societies: CCSG, Civil Censorship Study Group and FPHS, Forces Postal History Society.

Page Concept

There are usually four or more example covers per page with some write-up and, if possible, background information. With your help, more covers and information will be added over time.


If you have examples you will share with your fellow collectors and/or additional information about any of the covers shown please e-mail me.

Can you provide scans or photocopies for any category either listed or unlisted? Please do so and a web page will be made up.

Please email any external links related to censorship not listed above.

Thank You!

Credit for contributions will happily be given. Some cover are from fellow collectors, while some dealers have also agreed to allow use of their images. Thanks to all who have contributed material.

While many covers are from my own collection there will be many Irish related items, I will try to keep the diversity very wide.

Indian Unit Censor handstamp on specially printed
'ON ACTIVE SERVICE' lettersheet used by Nepalese soldier
from India to Nepal in 1963.

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