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Catalogue Extract

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United Kingdom used in Ireland

172COL.jpg (42792 bytes)

172 )
1924 (June 17) 5d red registered envelope, size H, used Dublin to Degersheim, Switzerland with additional 4d in definitives and 3-line coils, carried on London to Berlin service by Imperial Airways and Deutscher Aero Lloyd. 9d rate = 3d postage, 3d registration and 3d airmail surcharge. A rare, colourful and attractive cover. Fine.
IR £200/£300

Ireland: Commemorative & Special Issues

309.jpg (25910 bytes)

309 )
5C. 1933 Holy Year first day cover registered and express to USA with both values in blocks of four plus extra single 3d tied cds of Waterford date 18.IX.33. Fine.
IR £130/£150

Ireland: Airmails & First Flight Covers

331 HH
1A. Set of 7 in blocks of 6 unmounted mint, plus extra block of 6 of 8d with variety of hand flaw, some perf separation. Mainly good to fine. (48)
IR £50/£60

332 HH
A2a. 3d blue block of four incl. major re-entry, unmounted mint, cat £150+ Fine.
IR £50/£60

333 )
A2a. 3d blue with re-entry with 6d on printed First Day Cover, scarce thus. Fine.
IR £50/£60

334.jpg (12573 bytes)

334 HH
A6a 1s3d red-orange in marginal vertical strip of four incl. Extra feather on R416, some adhesion from “arricator” on margin of variety, unmounted mint. Good to fine. (4)
IR £250/£300

335.jpg (12957 bytes)

335 )
1870 (Sept. 24) EL on flimsy paper Paris to Rathgar, Dublin, Empire Francaise 20c blue tied smudged étoile cancel, PARIS/R. ST. DOM QUE ST. GN cds, on reverse H&K PACT cds of Oct 21 1870. Rare early Ballon Monte‚ cover to Ireland, carried out of Paris on La Viele de Florence. Light file folds, stamp damaged at top right, fine for this.
IR £700/£900

336.jpg (33653 bytes)

336 )
1870 (Nov. 5) EL on printed ‘PAR BALLON MONTÉ’ letter sheet, Paris to Dublin, franked 10c yellow brown and 20c blue, Empire issue, PARIS/R. DOM QUE AT GN. cds, carried out of Paris during the siege on La Ville de Chateaudun. Slight soiling, fine.
IR £800/£1000

337.jpg (10849 bytes)

337 )
1870 (Dec. 16) Dépêche-Ballon, Journal des Événements du Siege No. 15 printed miniature newspaper with ms letter to Mrs Hanly at Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin, imprinted PAR BALLON MONTÉ at front franked 10c yellow brown and 20c blue, PARIS RUE ST. DOM QUE ST. GN. 58 cds, on reverse H&KPACT cds of December 26th 1870. Rare, carried out of Paris by Le Parmentier. Heavy folds and splitting on front, otherwise good.
IR £300/£400


Most of the following are from Tony Cutchey’s excellent collection which won many awards including Stampa - Irish National Stamp Exhibition Vermeil Medal and the William Kane Aerophilately Trophy

338COL.jpg (27813 bytes)

338 )
1911 (Sept. 9) official First UK Aerial Post postcard in purple with special cancel, addressed to Dundrum, Dublin. Scarce. Fine.
IR £180/£180

339.jpg (20151 bytes)

339 )
1911 (Sept. 16) official First UK Aerial Post Windsor to London postcard in green with special cancel (of Second Flight) to Dublin with RATHMINES PO cds of Sept. 18, re-addressed to Slough. Rare with Irish receipt cds. Slight creases, very good.
IR £180/£200

340.jpg (16679 bytes)

340 )
- ditto. postcard in green (die II) with “The Financial Outlook” advertisement on reverse, addressed to Dundrum, Co. Dublin. Slight wrinkling, very good.
IR £150/£180

341.jpg (22749 bytes)

341 )
1914 (May 11) attractive “Flugpost-Karte” (Airmail Card) with imprinted German Empire 10pfg red cancelled Flugpost Dresden-Leipzig oval ds, to Belfast. Rare to Ireland. Fine.
IR £120/£150

342 )
1922 (Sept. 4 and 7) cover and postcard Dublin to Paris via Handley Page Transport Service London-Paris-Basle-Zurich which commenced on August 20 and ceased on December 16, 1923. Cover franked with 6d in definitives, postcard 3*d. Earliest known Irish Free State acceptances, scarce. Fine.
IR £70/£90

343 )
1823-25 interesting range of covers from Ireland to Europe, accepted on airmail services from London incl. to Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and Athens, frankings include overprints, vals. to 4d, definitives vals. to 1s. Worth further study. Good to fine. (13)
IR £120/£150

344 )
1923 (March 26) Cover Dublin to Paris with Saorstát Éireann 5d overprint, acceptance on London Paris service, also a cover of Feb. 7 with NO FLIGHT/SENT BY ORDINARY SERVICE framed cachet in violet. Fine. (2)
IR £50/£70

345 )
1923 (June and Sept 7) pair of covers Maryborough, Co. Laois to Baghdad, Iraq, via RAF airmail service from Cairo, one is a first day cover of 2*d definitive (block 4). Fine. (2)
IR £50/£60

346 )
1923 (Sept 19). cover Maryborough, Co. Laois to Alexandria, Egypt, inscribed “Via London-Cairo Airmail” but carried London-Berlin by DAL & Daimler, with Alexandria receipt of Sept. 26, franked 5-line overprints 2*d block of 4 and 1*d. Slight soiling, fine.
IR £50/£60

347 )
1923 (Sept.) two covers Dublin to Paris, 6d frankings, carried on London to Paris service by Handley Page (20.8.23-16.12.23), also 1925 (Nov.13) cover Dublin to Amsterdam per Imperial and Farman Service from Croydon via Paris, 3*d franking. Fine. (3)
IR £40/£60

348 )
1923 (Oct 21) cover Bray, Co. Wicklow to Warsaw, Poland, via London-Berlin service Daimler carried on the last flight of this service, franked with block 4 1*d and single 2d 3-line overprints, BERLIN/LUFTPOST cds of September 21 on reverse. Slight soiling, very good.
IR £80/£100

349 )
1924-25 range of airmail covers to Alexandria and Baghdad franked various overprints, vals. to 5d and 6d incl. registered. Attractive and interesting covers. Good to fine. (4)
IR £80/£100

350 )
1924 (April 12) GB *d wrapper with additional Irish 2d and *d, Dublin to Degersheim, Switzerland, via Imperial Airways London-Paris service, delayed until April 26 due to pilots’ strike. Scarce.
IR £80/£100

351 )
AC1. 1924 (May 2) Belfast-Liverpool first flight cover, with Wembley 1*d defin. tied BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION ULSTER PAVILION slogan, attractive. Fine.
IR £40/£50

352 )
AC1. 1924 (May 2) Belfast to Liverpool first flight cover addressed to Belgium. Fine.
IR £40/£50

353.jpg (14307 bytes)

353 )
AC1. 1924 (May 12) registered cover Port Laoise to Sutton Coldfield, franked 10d 5-line overprint, via Belfast-Liverpool flying boat service. Extremely rare Irish Free State acceptance on this flight. Ms receipt of “13/5/24” signed by F. J. Field. Very fine.
IR £150/£200

354 )
1925 (August 20) registered cover Port Laoise to Alexandria, Egypt, with Paris 4d and 1*d 5-line overprints, inscribed “Via London-Cairo Airmail” but carried on Imperial’s London-Zurich service, thence by rail and sea to Egypt. Attractive colourful cover. Fine.
IR £40/£50

355 )
1925 (Nov. 12) cover Dublin to Casablanca, via London to Paris and then by Lignes Aeriennes Latécoère  (LAT) Toulouse to Rabat. Scarce Irish acceptance on this route opened on Nov. 81925.  Fine.
IR £60/£80

356 )
1925 (Nov. 25) cover Port Laoise to Liege, Belgium via Imperial Airways London to Brussels service, franked horizontal strip 5 *d coil stamps stated to be the earliest known usage of these. Fine.
IR £40/£50

357 )
1926 (March 30) cover Dublin to Dakar, Senegal, franked 11d in definitives, carried on first flight Toulouse to Dakar by Latécoère (LAT). The fee was 8d for this service on top of the 3d letter route to Europe. Fine.
IR £60/£80

358 )
1926 (Dec 13) cover Dublin to Cairo intended for Imperial Airways delivery flight of a De Havilland Hercules for the new Cairo -Baghdad-Basra route. No mail was officially carried and this cover was returned to its sender, Captain Smye who patiently waited 3 years and reposted it from Gosport on March 26 1929 to catch the first England-India service of March 30 that year. Interesting example of philatelic perseverance! Fine.
IR £40/£50

359 )
1927 (March 9) postcard Dublin to Kenya, intended for Cairo-Kisumu airmail service first flight but sent by surface mail due to crash of Pelican flying boat during trials, Kisumu cds receipt and red explanatory hs: “Service officially arranged to operate from London, March 10 1927 but abandoned owing to breakdown of Hydroplane on Lake Victoria.” Newall 27.10b, Vogt Z.270312.4, Scarce. Slight stain, very good.
IR £80/£100

360 )
- ditto. A cover to Jinja, Uganda, with Kisumu and KENYA-SUDAN AIR MAIL cds, March 31. Fine.
IR £80/£100

361 )
AC3 Belfast - Liverpool Flying Boat Service: September 5 1928 and October 6 1928 both with green cachet and signed by pilot F.J. Bailey, inward on September 26, red cachet also signed by Bailey, and a picture postcard of the Calcutta carried on September 24. Fine. (4)
IR £60/£80

362 )
1928 (Sept. 24) cover Dublin to Belfast via Liverpool-Belfast flying boat service. Rare Irish Free State acceptance, franked 1*d definitives. Fine.
IR £80/£100

363.jpg (51022 bytes)

363 )
1929 (Feb. 1) cover Dublin to Bahamas, first acceptance on New York flight, New York Feb. 21 and Nassau Feb. 23 backstamps. Scarce. Some smudges, very good.
IR £100/£120

364.jpg (13849 bytes)

364 )
1919 (Feb. 1) cover Dublin to Havana per flight acceptance on New York flight to Cuba, New York Feb. 21 and Havana Feb. 23 backstamps. Slight ink smudges, very good.
IR £100/£120

365 )
1929 (March 28) Imperial Airways “England-India” Imprinted cover/Dublin to Baghdad franked 7*d, April 5 receipt cds on reverse. Attractive. Fine.
IR £30/£40

366 )
1929 (May 6-8), two covers and a postcard to Adelaide, South Australia, via first flights Perth to Adelaide, and with DELIVERY WINDOW/GPO ADELAIDE oval as receipt of June 6. Fine. (3)
IR £80/£100

367 )
1929 (May 23) Imperial Airways England-India printed cover Dublin to Djask, Persia acceptance on first flight from London to Karachi. Scarce. Fine.
IR £40/£50

368 )
1929 (June 15) picture postcard of Alcock & Brown’s aeroplane postmarked at Clifden, Co. Galway on the 10th Anniversary of their landing there, also Arthur Whitten-Brown’s autograph on a piece of paper. Both ex T.E. Field Collection. Scarce. Fine. (2)
IR £40/£50

369 )
1929 (June 17 and June 24) pair of postcards Dublin to Stockholm via London to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Stockholm night flights with special cds of the latter (19 and 26 June). Scarce. Fine. (2)
IR £120/£150

370 )
1929 (August 5 and 7) pair covers, Dublin to Durban and Dublin to Johannesburg, South Africa, carried on Union Airways first flights from Cape Town. Franked 6d, the Durban cover is postmarked DUN LAOGHAIRE/PAQUEBOT with a mixed Irish and UK franking. Fine. (2)
IR £50/£60

371 )
1929 (August 7) covers Dublin to South Africa, per acceptance on first flights from Cape Town to Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Durban, arrival cds of August 27-28, all franked 6d, matching trio prepared by Davis. Couple slight tone spots, fine. (3)
IR £60/£80

372 )
AC4c. 1929 (August 15) cover Boston to London, per SS Karlsruhe with special label in green, carried on Galway to London service. Fine, label clearly tied.
IR £50/£70

373 )
AC4c, AC4f. 1929 (Aug. 26) covers, Galway to Paris and Galway to Konstanz, via first flight to London and thence by regular air service. Scarce pair. Fine. (2)
IR £80/£100

374 )
AC4a. 1929 (August 26) Galway-London first flight cover, with Sutton Coldfield arrival cds also inward first flight cover London to Galway and a cover Croydon to Montreal via Galway-London flight and thence to New York by German mail packet. Interesting and scarce trio. Fine. (3)
IR £60/£80

375 )
1929 (August 29) cover Johannesburg to Dublin per first flight to Cape Town, also 1931 cover Sydney Australia to Belfast per first flight Melbourne-London. Scarce inward examples from these routes. Slight faults, very good. (2)
IR £50/£60

376 )
1929 (Sept. 30) pair covers Irish definitives tied PAQUEBOT/HOLYHEAD cds posted on Dun Laoghaire-Holyhead mailboat) to Brussels, carried on Sabena first flight London to Brussels. Newall 29.23. Fine. (2)
IR £60/£80

377 )
1929 (Dec. 27) pair of covers Dublin to Delhi and Jodhpur carried on extensions of the Imperial Indian route, backstamped Jan. 7th and 6th respectively, 10d franking incl. 7d airmail fee. Fine. (2)
IR £50/£60

378 )
1930 (April 13) cover Dublin to Brussels by Sabena first flight April 15, regular night service from London, backstamp on arrivals, April 15. Fine.
IR £40/£50

379 )
1930 (April 13 and 14) pair of covers Dublin to Brussels via first night flight London to Brussels by Sabena, with Brussels arrival cds of April 15 on reverse. Newall 30.07. Fine. (2)
IR £70/£80

380.jpg (12072 bytes)

380 )
1930 (Sept. 23) pair of covers Dublin to Singapore and Penang respectively, via KLM Amsterdam to Batavia service, franked 1s5d each incl. 1s fee to Malaya, back stamped October 6 and 4 respectively Newall 30.27. Scarce Irish acceptances. Good to Fine. (2)
IR £150/£180

381.jpg (15399 bytes)

381 )
1931 (Jan. 13) cover Dublin to Kingston, Jamaica, acceptance on first flight New York-Miami-Kingston, Newall 31.01. Scarce. Fine.
IR £100/£120

382 )
1931 (Feb. 26) British Parliamentary White Paper “England-South Africa Civil Air Transport Service” posted Dublin to Mwanza, Tanganyika. Unusual and attractive. Fine.
IR £50/£60

383 )
1931 (Feb.27) a series of printed cachet flight covers Dublin to Cape Town, Nairobi, Juba, Assouam, Wadi Hafta, Kareima, Kosti, Khartoum ad Shambe, carried on first flights by Imperial Airways from London. Attractive matching covers. Good to fine. (9)
IR £250/£300

384 )
1931 (Feb. 28) Irish acceptances on England-Tanganyika first flight with Dublin to Mwanza Tanganyika and Dublin to Malakal and Ondunman, Sudan, all printed cachets, backstamped on arrival. Attractive trio. Fine.(3)
IR £80/£100

385.jpg (17117 bytes)

385 )
1931 (April 2) Imperial Airways printed cover Dublin to Sydney Australia, flown by I.A. London to Koepang where the plane crashed, flown thence to Darwin by Kingsford Smith Quantas to Brisbane and ANA to Melbourne arrival datestamp of April 29. Newall 31.09c. Vogt B.310419.1. Scarce, nice franking of overprints totalling 1s8d. Fine.
IR £100/£120

386 )
1931 (May 7) pair covers Dublin to Toronto and to Winnipeg, carried on Rimouski-Montreal, first acceptance of British and Irish mail, one cover with scarce Dublin 4 cds reserved for returned or censored foreign mail, franked 3*d and 2*d. Scarce. Newall 31.15. Slight toning, very good. (2)
IR £70/£90

387.jpg (16364 bytes)

387 )
1931 (Oct. 15) cover Dublin to Tiberias, Palestine, per first flight Imperial Airways from London, with HAIFA and TIBERIAS backstamps of October 20 and 21 respectively, printed paper rate of 4*d. Scarce. Fine.
IR £80/£100

388 )
(1931/Dec.4) series of printed cachet Imperial Airways first flight covers to Africa, Dublin to Dodoma, Salisbury, Broken Hill, Mpika, Bulawayo, Johannesburg, Victoria West and Windhoek, also a plain cover to Kimberley. Attractive and interesting lot. Mainly fine. (9)
IR £200/£300

389 )
1931 (Dec. 8) pair of covers from Dublin, both franked 1s5d in definitives, carried to Upington, South Africa and Windhoek, South West Africa by South West African Airways first flights from Kimberley with, with arrival cds of Dec. 21, carried London to Cape Town by Imperial Airways Christmas Flight. Newall 31.38.d1 and 31.38.d4. Fine. (2)
IR £60/£80

390 )
1931 (Dec. 8) Dublin to Cape Town via Imperial Airways Christmas Flight from London and 1932 (Jan 19) cover Dublin to Cape Town via the first regular service, signed by the first engineer on the Cairo-Kisumu stage, City of Arundel Argosy hydroplane, both with I.A. printed cachets, franked 1s6d each. Fine.
IR £50/£60

391 )
1931 (Dec. 9) registered envelope, 5d embossed with additional 1s and 3d definitives, Dublin to Capetown, per Special Christmas Flight London-South Africa, arrival datestamp of Dec. 21. Fine.
IR £40/£50

392 )
1931 (Dec. 14/15) pair of covers Dublin to Brisbane and to Melbourne, carried on Kingsford Smith’s delayed return flights which eventually left London on January 7 1932 and after various mishaps reached Darwin on January 19, Brisbane cover franked 1s5d, Melbourne cover correctly franked 1s10d with arrival datestamp of January 21 and 22 respectively. Newall 32.01. Fine. (2)
IR £60/£70

393 )
1931 (Dec. 16) cover Dublin to Singapore acceptance on first flight from London, franked 1s3d, flight postponed from Dec. 18 to Jan. 7, backstamped Singapore Jan. 16. Newall 32.O1c. Scarce. Fine.
IR £60/£80

394 )
1932 (Jan. 19) series of printed cachet first flight covers with Imperial Airways “Speedbird” logo, Dublin to Moshi, Dodoma (carried to Broken Hill and then back by “Emergency Flight Feb 2/3”), Mpika, Broken Hill, Salisbury, Pietersburg, Bulawayo, Beaufort West, Windhoek, Cape Town, Kimberley and Victoria West. Attractive, incl. some scarce destinations. Mainly fine. (12)
IR £250/£300

395 )
1932 (Jan. 20) Irish acceptances on England-South Africa first flight with Dublin to Broken Hill, Bulawayo and Cape Town, also Feb. 2nd South West Africa feeder service to Windhoek, all printed cachet covers, attractive lot. Fine. (4)
IR £80/£100

396.jpg (14951 bytes)

396 )
1932 (March) cover Dublin to Buenos Aires carried on Zeppelin 1st South American Flight, printed matter 1s 0*d uncancelled, red and violet cachets, backstamped Berlin and Buenos Aires, March 19 and 25 respectively. Rare - ten Irish covers on this flight. Fine.
IR £400/£500

397.jpg (11314 bytes)

397 )
1932 (April 13) cover Dublin to Limassol, Cyprus, on first flight from London by Imperial on April 16, franked 5*d (printed paper rate of 2d plus 3*d airmail fee). Rare, Newall 32.06a1. Fine.
IR £120/£150

398 )
1932 (July 1) OHMS Post Office Savings Bank envelope to Co. Antrim with SPECIAL/AIR handstamp used on special airmail service to Ireland for War Loan Conversion documents, and a similar cover from Bank of Ireland London to Maryborough, Co. Laois. Fine.
IR £60/£80

399 )
1932 (July 12) pair of covers, franked 4d each, carried on accelerated service to Canada - London to Cherbourg by air, thence by SS Empress of Britain to Red Bay and thence by seaplane to Ottawa, arriving there on July 18, with special postmark on reverse. Fine. (2)
IR £100/£120

400 )
- ditto. Cover Dublin to Ottawa cover addressed to W.R. Patton at the Imperial. Economic Conference Post Office, carried on the first and last flight of this experimental service. The flight was curtailed at Rimouski owing to bad weather and the mail went from there to Ottawa, by train but still arrived on schedule, August 18. Stated to be the only recorded example of an Irish acceptance on this 3rd flight. Fine.
IR £120/£150

401 )
1932 (Aug. 26) registered cover Dublin to Pernambuco per Graf Zeppelin 5th South American Flight with flight cachets, arrival cds of September 1, franked 1s3*d. Scarce. Fine.
IR £250/£300

402COL.jpg (39088 bytes)

402 )
1932 (Sept 22.) registered cover Dublin to Recife, Brazil, via Graf Zeppelin 7th South American Flight, brown and red flight cachets, attractive franking of 4s10d incl. 2s6d Saorstát Éireann overprint. Fine.
IR £300/£400

403COL.jpg (39306 bytes)

403 ) 1932 (Sept.) cover Dublin to Bahrain, by first flight, Oct. 1, from London, with illustrated cachet in red, franked 1s2*d printed matter rate, Newall 32.23b2, scarce. Fine. (2)
IR £100/£120

404.jpg (14962 bytes)

404 )
1932 (Oct. 6) cover Dublin to Pernambuco, carried on Graf Zeppelin 8th South American Flight, with two cachets in red, arrival cds of Oct. 13. Fine.
IR £250/£300

405 )
1932 (Oct. 6) pair of cover Dublin to Bombay via Karachi-Madras extension of England-India service by TATA Airways, also 1933 (June 30) pair of Imperial Airways cacheted covers, one to Calcutta, the other to New Zealand via Calcutta carried on first flight of the new extension of the England-India route. Fine, slight toning on the latter. (4)
IR £70/£90

406 )
1932 (Oct. 15) cover Dubai to Liverpool, redirected to Dublin via first return flight Dubai to London, arrival cds of Dublin Oct 20 1932. Scarce. Fine.
IR £80/£100

407.jpg (16367 bytes)

407 )
1932 (Oct. 18) cover Dublin to Pernambuco, Brazil, franked 1s0*d, printed paper rate, carried on 9th South American Flight by Graf Zeppelin, with cachets in red and in orange, arrival cds of Oct. 27. Attractive and scarce. Fine.
IR £250/£300

408.jpg (17856 bytes)

408 )
1933 (May 4) registered cover Dublin to Rio de Janeiro, per Graf Zeppelin 1st South American Flight, arrival cds of May 10. Scarce. Fine.
IR £250/£300

409.jpg (19187 bytes)

409 )
1933 (May 31) registered cover Dublin to Recife, Pernambuco, via Graf Zeppelin 2nd South American Flight with both flight cachets, arrival cds of June 7. Scarce. Fine.
IR £250/£300

410 )
1933 (June 28) Imperial Airways printed cachet covers to “Regular Air Service...through India to Calcutta, Dublin to Allahabad, Asunsol and Calcutta, backstamped July 8-9. Attractive trio, each franked 1s3d. Fine. (3)
IR £50/£70

411.jpg (20009 bytes)

411 )
1933 (June 29) cover Dublin to Rio de Janeiro, carried on South American Flight of the Graf Zeppelin with two flight cachets on reverse Condor Zeppelin advertising cachet in violet and arrival cds of July 5. Scarce. Fine.
IR £250/£300

412.jpg (21256 bytes)

412 )
1933 (July 26) registered Dublin to Montevideo, Uruguay, per Graf Zeppelin 4th South American Flight, with CONDOR ZEPPELIN cachet in reverse flight cachets on obverse, franked pair of O’Connell 9d. Scarce destination. Fine.
IR £250/£300

413.jpg (18450 bytes)

413 )
1933 (August 16) cover Dublin to Bahia, Brazil, carried on Graf Zeppelin 5th South American Flight, with two flight cachets, arrival cds of August 23. Scarce. Fine.
IR £250/£300

414.jpg (20900 bytes)

414 )
1933 (August 31) cover Dublin to Bahia, Brazil, per Graf Zeppelin 6th South American Flight, with two flight cachets, also CONDOR-ZEPPELIN 10 VOO SEPTEMBRO 1933 triangular cachet on reverse, BAHIA/S. SALVADOR cds of September 6 on reverse. Attractive and scarce, franked 1s 0*d. Fine.
IR £250/£300

415 )
1933 (Sept. 22) cover Dublin to Rangoon, Burma, printed flight cachet with pair GB 4d tied DUN LAOGHAIRE PAQUEBOT cds, also cover franked 1s3d Irish to poste restante and returned on Oct 2 first return flight with special ms cachet on reverse. Newall 33.17a and 33.18a. Scarce pair. Fine. (2)
IR £100/£120

416COL.jpg (51131 bytes)

416 )
1933 (Sept. 29) official Zeppelin, Lufthansa & Condor printed envelope Dublin to Pernambuco, which arrived too late for its intended carriage by the 8th South American Flight of the Graf Zeppelin and was instead carried on the Chicago Flight (Freidrichshafen-Rio de Janeiro-Chicago) with triangular and hexagonal cachets in red, arrival datestamp of October 17, franked 1s2d printed matter rate. Fine.
IR £300/£400

417 )
1933 (Dec. 8) cover Dublin to Bangkok, Imperial Airways printed cachet, franked 1s9d, per first flight from London, arrival cds of Dec. 22. Newall 33.24.e2. Scarce.  Fine.
IR £80/£100

418 )
1933 (Dec. 8) pair of Imperial Airways printed cachet covers Dublin to Singapore and to Kedah, franked 1s9d, carried on first flight London to Singapore, Newall 33.24, attractive. Fine (2)
IR £60/£80

419 )
1933 (Dec. 8) Imperial Airways printed cachet cover, GB stamps (11d), tied PAQUEBOT DUN LAOGHAIRE cds (posted on mailboat from Holyhead) to Singapore per first flight from London, returned by first return flight , backstamped Singapore, Dec. 19 and Lee-on-Solent Jan. 11 1934 with ms note by Captain Smye. Scarce. Newall 33.24a and 33.26a. Fine.
IR £40/£50

420.jpg (21713 bytes)

420 )
1934 (May) cover New York to New York via Pond and Sabelli’s attempted record flight New York to Rome, which ended when their ‘plane crashed at Lahinch, with Lahinch arrival cds of May 15 and manuscript note by Pond: “carried on the New York to Rome flight of Ballanca monoplane, NR13137, Leonardo da Vinci. The first direct flight from New York to Ireland and first arrival to Ireland, George Pond”, also signed by Sabelli. Rare with this pilot’s ms endorsements. Vogt 3405152. Fine.
IR £300/£400

421.jpg (24293 bytes)

421 )
- ditto., cover signed by both pilots, with additional Irish 2d stamp tied Lahinch cds for onward postage. About 10 of this variation exist (Vogt). Scarce. Fine.
IR £200/£250

422 )
1934 (May 31) cover Dublin to Rotterdam, franked 5*d, via KLM Summer service Hull to Amsterdam first flight. Slight foxing, very good.
IR £60/£70

423.jpg (11683 bytes)

423 )
1934 (July 10) Dublin to Mozambique airmail postcard franked pair 1933 Holy Year 3d, to John S. Davis, carried on regular London to South Africa service to Broken Hill and there to Mozambique by French pilots Lefevre and Asholant, backstamped Mozambique (August 3). Newall 34.10A. Rare Irish acceptance on this flight. Fine.
IR £160/£200

424 )
AC10j. 1934 (Aug 19) Railway Air Services Cachet cover with Irish 2d (GAA commemoratives) and UK 1*d, flown Birmingham to Glasgow on first flight. Rare Irish acceptance. Fine.
IR £50/£60

425.jpg (19000 bytes)

425 )
1934 (Aug. 30) cover Dublin to Pernambuco via 7th South American flight of the Graf Zeppelin, with standard flight arrival cds of Sept. 4. Scarce. Fine.
IR £300/£400

426.jpg (19832 bytes)

426 )
1934 (Dec. 4) cover Dublin to Pernambuco via Zeppelin 12th South American Flight with special Christmas flight cachet in green, 1s0*d printed matter rate, arrival cds of Dec. 12, attractive and scarce. Fine.
IR £250/£300

427 )
1934 (Dec 5) Imperial Airways & Quantas printed covers Dublin to Normanton and Longreach, Australia and Timaru, New Zealand, all franked 2s5d attractive trio. Fine. (3)
IR £50/£70

428 )
1934 (Dec 7) cover Dublin to Fiji, Irish franking of 1s3*d printed paper rate airmail cancelled HOLYHEAD & LONDON T.P.O. DAY cds, apparently posted on Dun Laoghaire mailboat, Imperial Airways England-Australia printed cachet, carried on first regular airmail service London to Sydney, arrival cds there of Dec. 21 and Suva, Fiji Jan 7 1935 on reverse. Scarce destination. Newall 34.18a. Fine.
IR £50/£60

429.jpg (11332 bytes)

429 )
1935 (April 30) postcard to Recife Pernambuco, Brazil, carried on Graf Zeppelin 3rd South American Flight, franked 1s0*d, red flight cachet, on reverse arrival cds May 7. Rare. Fine.
IR £400/£500

430COL.jpg (37345 bytes)

430 )
1935 (Sept. 21) cover carried on Lieutenant Felix Waitkus’ attempted non-stop flight New York to Lithuania. Waitkus’ plane crashed near Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, and the mail was carried overland to Kaunas where a commemorative overprinted stamp was affixed for its return journey to USA, signed by the pilot. Vogt A.3509223.1. Slight water damage.
IR £150/£200

431 )
1938 (March 28) cover Dublin to Bathurst, via Lufthansa Africa and South America service from Freidrichshafen, franked 1s5d, arrival cds of April 1, non philatelic. Roughly opened, very good.
IR £50/£70

432COL.jpg (32824 bytes)

432 )
1938 (June 4) cover Dublin to Bristol carried on Aer Lingus first flight of 1938 to Isle of Man with DOUGLAS arrival cds of June 4 on obverse. Rare. Fine.
IR £350/£400

433 )
1939 (June 13) cover Dublin to Pennsylvania, franked 1s3d, carried on Marseilles to New York “Clipper” seaplane service. Scarce Irish acceptance. Fine.
IR £80/£100

434 )
1944 (August-Sept.) cover Cork to a Lieutenant Commander on HMS Pursuer, with oval red O.A.T. handstamp (Onward Air Transmission), and a similar cover to same address with additional handstamp “PLEASE INFORM SENDER/AIR MAIL SERVICE NOT AVAIL(ABLE)”, both franked 1s3d and with Irish and UK censor labels. Scarce and interesting. First fine, second lacking back flap and part of obverse. (2)
IR £40/£50

435.jpg (14360 bytes)

435 )
1946 (Feb. 7) cover Dublin to St. Mary’s, Scilly Isles per first flight Land’s End Airport to St. Mary’s Airport by Great Southern & Western Air Lines. Fine.
IR £100/£120

436 )
1946 (March 2) first flight cover Stockholm - Prestwick - Dublin, backstamped Dublin on March 4. Scarce. Fine.
IR £80/£100

437.jpg (9617 bytes)

437 )
1947 (June 2) Prestwick to Shannon first flight cover, rare, only 20 flown by American Overseas Airways. Fine.
IR £100/£120

438 )
1949 (August 24) postcard with 1d airmail, Dublin cds to Salzburg, carried by balloon at Bregenz, Austria on October 23 1949 with REUTTE (TIROL) cds of October 24 and Landung bei Flugsberg (DEUTSCHLAND) watermark. Attractive and scarce. Fine.
IR £50/£70

439 H)
1951 (June 21) BEA Air Letter Belfast to Rotterdam via Liverpool with 6d + 1d BEA stamp, also pair of BEA perforated coloured labels, one overprinted FIRST/All-UP/ TO EIRE and 1947 airmail cover Belfast to China franked GV 2s6d Seahorse. Fair to fine. (3)
IR £50/£60

440.jpg (29910 bytes)

440 )
1954 (Sept. 3) cover Amsterdam to New York with SALVAGED FROM K.L.M. CRASH AT SHANNON hs in black, cover taped and re-sealed with Post Office “COVER FOUND OPEN (OR TORN)” bi-lingual label. Vogt A.540905.1.Twenty bags of mail were salvaged. Fine for this.
KLM Lockheed Constellation crashed 32 seconds after take off into the mudflats of the Shannon estuary.
IR £100/£120

441 )
1990s range of first flight covers incl. Aer Lingus, Air Southwest, Ryanair, Air Shannon, Delta, etc. Mainly fine. (25)
IR £40/£50

Ireland: Postal Stationery

468 HHl
Airletters: PSAL 1a, 4, 4a, 4c, 4e and 5, mainly used , also wrappers-1*d mint and 8p used. Fair to fine. (6)
IR £50/£60

472.jpg (22586 bytes)

472 )
PSRE1b. 5d olive registered envelope, size G, used Dublin to Degersheim, Switzerland, with additional 3d in definitives and overprints, with airmail label, intended for first flight by Imperial Airways London to Paris but not sent by that route due to pilot’s strike. Scarce and colourful cover. Ex Cutchey. Fine slight soiling.
IR £80/£100


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