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Traditionally the Irish Airmail Society holds its annual Meeting during Stampa, the Irish National Stamp Exhibition, that takes place during October or November each year in Dublin and where Irish philatelists can participate in the competitive exhibition.

The William Kane Aerophilatelic Trophy is awarded for the best aerophilatelic entry when an exhibit is judged worthy of the award.

Stampa 2007

Stampa 2007 took place on October 12th to 14th, 2007, at the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Stampa 2006

The William Kane Aerophilatelic Trophy was not awarded in 2006.

Stampa 2005

The William Kane Aerophilatelic Trophy was awarded to:

Airmail Service to and from Ireland - 1911 to 1935 – Ray How
also awarded a Stampa Vermeil and É.P.A. Certificate

Trinidad and Tobago First Flights – Norman Finnie
was awarded a Stampa Bronze medal

Stampa 2004

Unfortunately there were no aerophilatelic entries in Stampa , so the William Kane Aerophilatelic Trophy was not awarded.

Stampa 2001

Stampa 2001 is over and the new Editor, Bill Murphy, kept his promise to produce two bulletins a year - with two fine issues of O.E.78.

The AGM of the IAS also took place on Saturday, November 10th, during Stampa, where the business of the society took place. Bill asked for articles for the bulletin. A draft copy of Bill Murphy's newest airmail booklet entitled Irish Zeppelin Mail and Catapult Covers was shown and publication is expected during 2002.

Two IAS members exhibited at Stampa: Karl Winkelmann showed his five frame Irish Foreign Uniform Airmail Rates and was awarded a Gold Medal, the William Kane Aerophilatelic Trophy and an ÉPA certificate, while Ray How was awarded a Vermeil medal for his exhibit Irish Mail Accepted by Air.

Stampa 2000

During the AGM at Stampa 2000, Karl Winkelmann, who has been editor since the start of the society, has stepped down and we have a very competent replacement in Bill Murphy who, with your help, intends to produce two bulletins per year.

Bill has authored Irish Airmails 1919-1990 and several booklets on specialised Irish airmail topics as well as many philatelic articles.

Stampa 1999

Irish Airmail Society member wins Best in Show

One of our prominent members, Ronny Vogt won the highest award at Stampa 1999 when he won a Stampa Gold medal with felicitations, the William Kane Aerophilatelic Trophy, an ÉPA medal and the Best-in-Show David Feldman Trophy with his exhibit Irish Transatlantic Pioneer Airmails.

Ronny has one of the finest collections of Irish aerophilatelic material and continues to collect most Irish related aerophilatelic material. He is author of two editions of his fine study of Irish related mail carrying crashes: Irish Crash Airmails published by the society.

Ronny Vogt being presented with his Stampa award certificate
by Stampa Chairman, Kevin Drury

Ronny Vogt discussing a 1919 Alcock and Brown flight cover in his exhibit
with Brian Warren during Stampa 1999

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